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Trailer Talk: Jack the Giant Killer

January 8, 2012

Release Date:  June 15th, 2012

CAST: Nicholaus Hoult (About A Boy, X-Men: First Class), Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada), Warwick Davis (Willow, Leprechaun), Bill Nighy (Shaun of the Dead, Underworld), Ian McShane (Kung Fu Panda, Case 39) Ewan McGregor (Beginners).

Click here to see the trailer.

I am looking forward to this!  I guess Bryan Singer finally saw Troll Hunter and decided that giants really seem to work.  I have to wonder, though, will it be “the” giant that Jack must overcome, or maybe a family or clan of giants?  Different types of giants?  Do the giants have weird giant pets?  Oh, man, if they show some blood in this movie it will make my year!  I’d like to see splattered human offal on the sole of a giant’s foot.

Check out the trailer, get stoked, and let’s go see this!

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