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The Green Hornet

January 23, 2011

The positives of this movie outweigh the negatives. This is one of those films that provide nothing new or original but is still fun. I thought with Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) on board the movie would be an original visual treat.

The plot centers around Seth Rogen as a spoiled kid with daddy issues becoming a crusader with help from his father’s mechanic/barista Kato. The best part of this film is Jay Chou. You know Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz’s shtick already. Chou brings a breath of fresh air to the film. His fight scenes filmed in Kato-Vision look great in 3D and he seems like a chill dude.

The five-minute fight scene between Chou and Rogen is fun but seemed a little forced. I never saw the Roddy Piper-Keith David fight coming. It was totally spontaneous. The Green Hornet borrowed from this. Most of the scenes feel taken from  another film.  Even the great Christoph Waltz can’t elevate his character from the recycle bin for long.

Christoph Waltz is mostly fun as the bad guy going through a mid-life crisis. His name “Chudnofski” provides decent jokes for about five minutes. The opening scene between him and another bad guy (great secret cameo) establish the movie on the right notes. His character becomes to one-note though. It always bothers me when a character has to use a gimic to be tough.


Green Hornet is a lot of fun but doesn’t provide anything new. This is not a bad thing it just makes it a decent rental flick.


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