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Bad Movie Tuesday: Showdown in Little Tokyo

March 1, 2011




Watch this clip before reading review:


In the 80’s and 90’s action stars pulled of feats of amazement that defied logic and gravity. They could shoot thousands of bullets in two minutes, they could kill dozens of trained soldiers with a bow and arrow, they even could spin kick 73 people in a row. JCVD, Stallone, Arnold and Dolph Lundgren were the main stars responsible for this excess. I believe this movie killed off the action craze of the 80’s. This movie is when people finally went “oh geesh”

I’ve watched a lot of Dolph Lundgren films and I’ve always appreciated them as fun but bad action shlock. Showdown in Little Tokyo is the first time I ever said “geesh” during a Lundgren film. The movie is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen (in a good way).

Showdown is a buddy cop film starring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee. The cheeky twist is Dolph was born in Japan and follows the Samurai way while Lee was born in Los Angeles and speaks no Japanese.  The two of them team up to fight terribly suited Yakuza who for plot reasons also killed Lundgren’s parents while they were living in Japan.

Let me tell you what inspired me to say “geesh” many many times.

In this film Dolph is under fire after killing nine people and he needs to dodge some bullets. So…..naturally he flips a car. He literally puts his gun down and lifts the car on its side. If I was a bad guy I would have run around the car and shot him. This never happens.  because Dolph eventually blows up the car with one bullet.

Also, the main bad guy never kills Dolph, he always lets him go and lets the tall Swede live to fight another day. If  I was a bad guy, and I had chance to kill Lundgren, I’d risk the prison time and expensive court case. The bad guys have no problem killing women who snitch, and cronies who fail a task. However, they never kill the good guy.

Here is an example:


This movie features some of the most gratuitous shirtless Dolph in the history of cinema.  It also has this line:


I’m pretty certain Dolph saw all the other films where JCVD does splits and Arnold flexes his biceps while shaking hands. Dolph watched as Stallone was tortured in Rambo and Seagal knife fought his way into everyone’s hearts. He wanted to one up them……this film was Fonzi water skiing over sharks. Dolph Lundgren “flipped the car.”

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  1. John Leavengood permalink
    March 2, 2011 12:32 am

    You’re right. This movie does make me say GEESH. As is “Geesh, why watch any other movie when this is in my DVD collection?” I LOOOOOOOOVED this movie as I did your commentary.
    Man, all this talk about the end of the action hero era of the 80’s makes me want to watch some Seagal from three different decades and track his weight gain.


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