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Wild Target

April 9, 2011
I really liked this little indy flick. Bill Nighy never gets old, Emily Blunt plays a character you would only see in a quirky indie flick and Rupert Grint is funny little naive guy. I was asked my girlfriend to write about this little flick and spread the word about it. Have fun!
By: Megan Arnall
Mark puts lots of movies on our Netflix queue so I’m never quite sure what will show up in the mailbox.   I don’t mind this though- he is the movie expert, I enjoy most movies and I trust his judgement.  Most of the time, I’ll open a movie and have no idea what it is about, but I almost like that better.  I have no preconceived ideas about the plot or actors, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a pretentious ‘good’ movie or just a fun movie, or even a bad movie for the blog lol.  
Wild Target was one of the great surprises that our mailbox contains.  I knew nothing about this movie before I opened that little red package and discovered a quirky, cute, funny and dark film.  If you read the list of actors, you’d probably say ‘HUH?! How is that going to work?’, well let me tell you right now that it does.  An eclectic bunch for sure; Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually, Hot Fuzz), Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, Wolfman, Sunshine Cleaning), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter series), and Martin Freeman (The Office- UK version, Sherlock, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)…so are you intrigued? 
Bill Nighy plays an assassin who is about to retire and has a slightly overbearing but proud mother.  Really? Your mom scrapbooks your assassinations?  Emily Blunt is Nighy’s latest target; she is a thief who swindles a wealthy man on an art deal and now he is bent on retribution. It should also be noted that she has one of the most fashionably eclectic wardrobes. I don’t know why she is so fashionable or who decided to dress her this way but her outfits could almost be another character in the movie (*If you are intereseted in seeing more of this wardrobe, I found a blogger who was able to find many of the outfits, here).  
Rupert Grint plays Nighy’s naive-in-all-aspects-of-life protege. Nighy, Blunt and Grint’s paths collide and they become a silly little trio who are running/hiding from Martin Freeman in the English countryside.  Freeman plays another assassin with a none-too-bright assistant and one of the nicest sets of teeth you will ever see, seriously check those things out.  Mark and I love Freeman in The Office and Sherlock, it is fun to see him portray a suave character in this movie.  So there you have it, all of these personalties come together for a wild ride through London, some botched assassinations, and this dialoge:
Martin Freeman’s not-so-bright assistant: (showing a painting to an artist)
Who did this?!
Artist: Rembrandt.
Assistant: Gimme his address, now.
Artist: He’s dead.
Assistant: Dead? When?
-and this too:
Bill Nighy: We need to get out of town!
Emily Blunt (whiney): No, I like town.
Bill Nighy: I’m ignoring you.
Wild Target received an undeserved 32% on, I can only guess those critics are just unhappy people who have ‘flaming cute movies on the internet’ listed under their hobbies.  Watch it!  It’s an unexpected and delightful little movie about assassination and mayhem! 🙂

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