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April 15, 2011

I dig James Wan as a director. The dude will never hit a Grand slam but he tries really really hard. I didn’t dig Saw and Dead Silence was a bit lame. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? The dude tried to bring something original to the screen. He knows how to create the occasional uber scary moment and is hitting his stride.  Another impressive fact is that he made this movie for only 1.5 million dollars. I love when people can take little and make a lot. We need directors like this.

Insidious  pulled two great actors Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. Patrick Wilson is always one of my favorite actors and Rose Byrne is always good. Watch the movie Sunshine. She is good in it.

You like the family, the plot goes off in a unique angle. Some of the visions  are pretty great. The film also includes humor at the appropriate time. I will not go into plot details but there is one thing I love. When the haunting starts the family moves out of the house. How cool is that!!!! Finally somebody moves out of the house.

There is none of that gore crap. You like the people. The bad guy has a crazy creepy look.  The movie has the balls to go in another direction. In the world of remakes,  sequels and more remakes it was nice to see this.

SIDENOTE: I know this movie borrowed from Poltergeist. Nobody’s perfect.

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  1. Jonny permalink
    April 15, 2011 11:54 am

    saw= horrible acting and I’m not into the whole torture thing. Extremely creepy if you ask me. But when that dude with cancer got up out of the middle of the room and yelled GAME OVER! It totally caught me off guard. I didn’t see that one coming AT ALL! Completely made up for the hour and a half of crap beforehand.


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