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Fast Five

May 5, 2011


Fast Five disregards physics, logic and gravity…..I think that is why it is so good. You like the characters and totally disregard all the plot holes and simply go with it. This is the ultimate car/heist/ action film.

For instance, the finale involves a vault destroying half of Rio. Buildings are destroyed and property smooshed. In the real world 50  people would have died a painful death via large objects falling on them. However, in this film they always make sure to broadcast “There were no casualties.” You gotta love that. There are no real world consequences and that allows them to do anything.

I am a big fan of director Justin Lin. I love his debut film Better Luck Tomorrow and I’ve dug the work he has done with the Fast and Furious films.

It is impossible to dislike the central crew of characters. Tyrese and Ludacris play well off of each other, the ladies are cool and Sung Kang’s Han is my personal fave. His relationship with Gal Gadot has you rooting for them. It kinda sucks because you know he dies in Tokyo Drift……..eventually.

This movie will never be mistaken for art. However, it is a non pretentious blast of a film that offers all the goods and sets itself up for an awesome sixth film.


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