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Hangover Part 2

June 2, 2011

Same movie, bigger budget, much darker. The Wolfpack has demons in them and they are released upon Bangkok.

The %30 positive reviews on Rottentomatoes sums up this movie.

%20 funny

%10 hilarious

%40 recycled

%20 Gross

%10 Super Recycled

The movie offers just enough laughs to make it worth your time. However, you feel really dirty after watching this film.

The problem is that the characters are not as likable this time. They do some terrible things while under the influence. The last film the shenanigans were somewhat grounded. This time they go soooooooooooooo far and try to justify it by saying they have “demons” in them. I actually began to not care about the characters. That is why it will never be a classic.

If you think about all the classic comedies you are invested in the characters. Caddy Shack, Blues Brothers, Animal House, Wayne’s World, Ground hog Day,  Stripes, 40 Year Old Virgin etc…..You like all the characters in these films. They’ve lived on for decades.

That is why people loved the original Hangover. You liked the three main characters a lot. They could’t handle Vegas but they gave it a great try.

The Hangover 2 is a boozy night that you didn’t mind having but don’t want to repeat.


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