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The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

June 9, 2011

A beautiful history lesson by Werner Herzog. Life doesn’t get any better. I loved every minute of Herzog narrating. People need to watch this film.

I still can’t comprehend how 30,000 thousand years ago people were able to make such beautiful art. What is crazier is that 5,000 years later people drew over the art and improved upon them. I could never imagine drawing something in a cave and 5,000 years later somebody writes over it.

Werner Herzog has made some of my favorite documentaries. Grizzly Man and Encounters at the End of the World are beautiful works of art that take you inside the psyche of interesting people who live outside society.

This doc takes you into a place that very few people will ever see. The caves in France are such a landmark of culture only a select bunch of scientists can enter. Somehow Herzog squirmed his way into letting the French government let a three man film crew enter for one week. The visuals he captures are nothing short of amazing.

Watch this documentary, embrace the Herzog and learn about some captivating history.

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