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Just Go with It

June 10, 2011

Just Go with It is another lazy Adam Sandler rom com with occasional laughs and a fantastic cast. It features  comedy revolving around butts, lies and coconuts picked up by butts. The plot centers around Sandler and Aniston playing husband and wife so Sandler can get with Brooklyn Decker.

The lies pile so high it would take Bear Grylls months to climb them. Decker discovers a wedding ring in Sandler’s pocket. Sandler lies by saying he is divorcing Aniston who has two kids. Aniston has a fake  sheep farming German boyfriend Dolph Lundgren (Nick Swardson). Aniston starts to lie to Nicole Kidman. Kidman is also lying to Aniston and somewhere along the way Dave Matthews picks up a coconut with his butt.

In the normal world Sandler’s character might just be the sketchiest human alive. In this movie he is a rakish cad whose behavior is justified by a bad relationship twenty years ago…….To be fair he gets done so dirty by a terrible woman he deserves at least five years of questionable behavior

There is a saving grace to the film. Jennifer Anniston is always fun to watch and she and Sandler have decent chemistry. It is nice that she is the voice of reason for this film. You enjoy whenever she is on-screen. I want to see a movie directed by Greg Motolla (Superbad, Adventureland) starring Sandler and Aniston. I know they are both capable of great things.

ent The Switch or Punch Drunk Love instead

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