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Bad Movie Tuesday: Passion Play

July 12, 2011

I guess I should give a short synopsis of the film. Here is what I would put on the back of the DVD. 

The movie starts with Mickey Rourke getting punched in the face by famed UFC fighter Chuck Liddell. He ends up in a circus and meets Megan Fox. He then gets punched in the face by Rhys Ifans. Mickey Rourke escapes with the aid of the winged Fox. Some other stuff happens, bad dialogue occurs and Rourke does that thing where he breathes really heavy. The movie ends.

 I am scratching my head as to how a movie about an aging Jazz star (Rourke)  wooing an angel (Fox) while being hunted by a gangster (Bill Murray) and a Carnival boss (Rhys Ifans)  could go beneath boring. It is like somebody sedated somebody that was already sedated….then they wrote this movie.

I’ve talked about Nic Cage looking bored in the film Next. This is worse. I’d never think that a scene between Mickey Rourke being threatened by a milk drinking gangster Bill Murray would be boring. Everybody seems bored. Even the guy who is holding a knife to Rourke’s neck.

When arty noir films are done wrong they pain the soul.  Take for instance, the scene where Rourke fake plays the trumpet. Rourke underplays playing a trumpet. He stays in one spot while the camera circles around him. Mickey Rourke is a method actor to the extreme. Rumor has it before scenes on Iron Man 2  he had the song “Rehad” played to mess with Robert Downey Jr. I didn’t see any method to his acting. My guess is that Nic Cage played an angel in a movie City of Angels. Mickey Rourke studied that film and came up with this character.

This movie is an incredibly odd piece of cinema. It is an art house film made by a guy who I think has never watched an art house film. I’m pretty certain the guy making the film thought he was making a classic. That is why it is so bad. Only a dude who thinks he is a genius could make this film.  I do have to say that the ending is absolutely hilarious……It is funny because Megan Fox (SPOILER) finally learns to fly (via bad green screen) while saving Rourke (he still looks bored)….then you find out that Rourke was dead  and he must have been in the most boring purgatory ever.

Everybody in the movie seemed bored but it still gave me plenty of material to entertain all you Bad Movie Tuesday fans.

Watch them if you’ve rented them.


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