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Take Me Home Tonight

July 21, 2011

I really wanted to like this movie. I like Topher Grace, Anna Faris and Teresa Palmer. But, much like Hot Tub Time Machine this movie only has several moments of fun surrounded by hundreds of romantic and 80’s cliches.  It is still a decent little ride but what can you expect from a movie that has been sitting on the shelf since 2007?

Topher’s character is the classic smart guy who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. Much like the characters in Dazed and Confused, Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Better off Dead, Can’t Hardly Wait, One Crazy Summer and The Sure Thing.

The one thing Grace does know is that he likes Teresa Palmer. So, instead of winning her with John Cusack or Ethan Embry tactics he lies to her and says he is an investment banker……This is where the movie goes wrong. How can we believe a smart guy like Grace wouldn’t understand that lies would only last so long? What happens if she likes him? Can the audience like a guy who can’t think two steps ahead?

Here is what happens. You might have seen this before.

He lies.

She begins to like him!

They hook up.

Teresa Palmer take me home tonight lingerie

He tells her the truth.

In the end, everyone learns a lesson, Anna Faris is criminally under used and Dan Fogeler does a lot of cocaine.

I appreciate this film for  the soundtrack and trying to bring back the 80’s romantic flick. However, it just doesn’t work. I’ll give it a C+

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