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13 Assassins

July 29, 2011

I loved this movie. Takashi Miike has finally made a film that is accessible to the mainstream. It is a noble/violent throwback to Kurosawa that will live on as a cult classic. The long shots and steady camera offer a nice contrast to the quick edits and break neck speed of many action films.

The story centers around 12 assassins and one hunter who team up to kill the incredibly evil/violent/psychopathic brother of the Shogun. The men are all noble in their own ways and the leader Shinzaemon is a brave man who when backed into a corner will never stop fighting.

The final 45 minutes are just a blood soaked battle. 200 vs. 13. My girlfriend and I said nothing during the huge battle. We just sat there absorded by the mass carange in front of us. The only problem with this film is that you are never too invested in the characters. You like them but it isn’t like Saving Private Ryan….when the characters die you are crushed.

This movie got me thinking about other films where a few badass people fight something larger and more badass than themselves.

Saving Private Ryan

The final battle is one of the most intense things I’ve ever watched. The beginning battle is great but I like the finale more because you are fully invested in the characters.

13th Warrior

13 against a whole lot of barbarians. I loved all three of the big action scenes. Plus, I dig anything with Vikings.


Marines and Sigourney Weaver vs. angry aliens with acid blood. The scene where the aliens are attacking from above and below is a classic.

Seven Samurai

This film influenced all of these films. Seven men with distinct personalities battling something larger than themselves. Instant Classic. One of my favorites .

Open Range

Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner vs. a gang of violent gun slingers. I’ve watched this movie with my dad around five times. We really dig this flick.

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  1. Jonny permalink
    August 16, 2011 3:53 am

    Loved this flick BTW. Thought the ending was great with such an evil guy finally realizing his mortality


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