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Not So Deep Thoughts…By Mark

November 4, 2011

Hello all. Mark here. I love movies. I watch a lot of movies. It is nice to talk about movies with other people. The problem is that a many people have not watched the movies in this post. Watch , comment and ponder the disappearance of Orlando Jones.

1.The final 30 minutes of The Warrior’s Way are badass. If you can get over Kate Bosworth’s accent and the silliness of the plot you will dig the exciting finale of circus folk vs. cowboys vs.  ninjas. Check it out on Netflix

2.Sunshine has got to be one of the most underappreciated films ever. I’ve watched it five times and I am still amazed at how beautiful it looks. The film is a visual cornucopia. It proves that Chris Evans can be a serious actor. Sunshine manages to be thrilling, smart and engaging.

Not many people know that the main reason Chris Evans got the Captain America role was because of this film.

The Blu-ray is packed full of extras. There is a commentary by Danny Boyle as well as a commentary by a couple of scientists explaining the practicality of the film. Watch this movie on the biggest screen you can find. It is a rare visual treat from a brilliant director.

3. What happened to Orlando Jones? He was great in The Replacements, Evolution and Drum Line. The dude could act. I’m hoping Tarantino puts him in a movie and his career is resurrected. Stranger things have happened.

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