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The Scream Queens of Film: Leticia Dolera

July 29, 2012


Born in Barcelona, Spain, on October 23, 1981, Miss Dolera has had little horror experience to date.  She got started with Imago Mortis (2009), one of only two horrors in which she is featured.  Also look forward to her in Los Últimos Días.  However, just based on the what I’ve seen online about REC 3: Genesis (2012; the prequel of REC, remade in America as Quarantine) I have a feeling that we’re going to start seeing more of her on blood-splattered screens—and not just in Spanish films.  She was convincingly terrified yet believably tough when she had to be–although she might have been a little too proficient with her chainsaw.  American horrorsmiths are going to want this one.  At first glance she looks like a stiff breeze could carry this beautiful bride away.  But kill a few dozen of her wedding guests, stain her dress, and this is what happens…

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE US TRAILER (well, yeah, it’s in English)

You should really watch both of these trailers.  They are quite different and show different aspects of the film.  The Spanish trailer shows more clips and gore from the wedding hall, the American trailer is more about introducing us to our heroine, Clara (played by Leticia Dolera).  The gore looks really good and really fun.  Toss in a chick in a guts-stained bridal dress holding a chainsaw to a zombie’s head and, let’s be honest, you’ve just earned your first star.

We get to see a chick go from this happy bride [above] to this horrified scream queen [below]…

…to this chick who’s clearly had enough and isn’t gonna’ take it any more [below].

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