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The Scream Queens of Film: Jenny Spain

August 2, 2012


Born in 1980, Jenny Spain entered the scene somewhat late, starring in Deadgirl (2008) and, more recently, a short film about a human-harvesting virus called Harvest (2011). As anyone can see, Jenny possesses a rare beauty–the kind we expect to find on magazine covers.  However, quite to the contrary, she caught my attention when she starred as a victimized yet vicious undead creature in a quite intense film.

Take a moment to appreciate her features, which were largely masked by her zombifying make-up team…

Jenny was then transformed into this…

Now, don’t get me wrong.  As far as zombies go, she’s still pretty cute…yet she looks convincingly dangerous.

Despite her “mute” role in Deadgirl, this Spanish-blooded beauty demonstrated an amazing emotional range with body language and facial expressions that I found haunting.  At times it felt as if a sane, frightened woman was trapped in the body of a furious deadite at the mercy of her sadistic teen wardens.  Adding intrigue to what could have been an otherwise extremely simple character, Jenny’s eyes conveyed a sense of desperation; a yearning to escape–like the woman trapped inside retained the use of her host’s eyes to try to call for help.

As the film progresses zombie-Jenny’s make-up becomes more elaborate.

At the 2010 Fangoria Chainsaw awards Deadgirl was nominated for Best limited/Direct to Video, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Make-Up/Creature FX.  While none of these nominations were for Jenny, herself, the attention drawn to the movie (named for her character) will likely tender many approaches from future horror craftsmen.  I can’t help but to wonder how she didn’t win Best Actress for this, though.

“What?  Oh, yeah.  That’s me.”

With lovely features at a demure 5’6”, Jenny has clearly shown us that she can play victim and monster alike.  I was quite impressed!!!  Here’s a link to an interview in which she says it would be an honor to be labeled a Scream Queen.  Well, Jenny, you’re welcome.

I hope to see much more of her!

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