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The Scream Queens of Film: Danielle Panabaker

August 16, 2012


Yo!  So unfair!  If I knew this was a horror movie I NEVER would have hit that joint!

Graduating high school at 14 and then UCLA with an English major at 19, Danielle Panabaker (born 1987, about 5’8”) has all the makings of an academic powerhouse.  Having started an occasional TV career—a TV movie and a few guest spots on TV shows a year during college—she turned away from becoming a lawyer or professor to continue pursuing acting full time.  Boy am I glad!  We have enough lawyers but there is no such thing as too many scream queens.

WTFF, dude!?!  Someone’s dead?  Didn’t like 11 other groups of teenagers already kill Jason Voorhees!?!

Panabaker has been steadily involved in horror/slasher flicks since finishing college…Piranha 3DD (2012), Grimm (2012; one episode), The Crazies (2010), The Ward (2010), Friday the 13th (2009) and Mr. Brooks (2007).  That’s two remakes (Friday the Crazy 13th) and a sequel of a remake whose original has a sequel that is not being remade (Piranha 3DD).

This scene represents the stupidest moment of Piranha 3DD in the entire movie–and, yes, there was a distinctly stupidest moment. Here Maddy (Panabaker), a grad student in marine biology, goes swimming in the dark water alone at night with plenty of exposed skin to see if piranhas have infested the lake yet. BRILLIANT!  This chick graduated from UCLA at 19?  LOL j/k

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