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The Scream Queens of Film: Julianna Guill

September 9, 2012

Not Safe For Work:
Folks, let’s be real.  No article called “Scream Queens” should be considered suitable for workplace viewing.  While not all such articles include provocative images of our Scream Queen starlets, you just may encounter images of of these women in lingerie, bathing suits, or even covered in gore; generally imagery that you don’t want you boss to see on your screen when looking over your shoulder.


Julianna Guill (born in 1987 in North Carolina) is a 5’5” blonde bag of smiles and great… ummmmm… personality.  So far she hasn’t really made her mark.  She has had few major roles in movies and has lept from one TV series to the next since 2004 including My Alibi (2008-2009), Glory Daze (2010-2011), and Underemployed (2012), among about a dozen others for several-episode story arcs.

Yup, a blonde bag of smiles.

There’s a lot of talent in that bikini.

Her most recent forays into horror include The Apparition (2012), in which she had a minor role.  Before which she had much more significant characters in Altitude (2010), Friday the 13th (2009) and Mine Games (2012).


Here, Guill is trying to “believe” that she can get another major horror role without taking off her top.  The universe was so furious with this that it manifested an apparition to pull her throught the plaster wall, kicking and screaming, and straight to Hell.  [Just to be clear, if you know the premise of The Apparition, then that should be funny]

Since she hasn’t taken the FHM “sexiest” lists yet (that I am aware), men would best know her for her sex scene in Friday the 13th (2009).  I am not crude enough to offer unedited images, but just trust me that if you Google the movie title and her name that the top hits should be about her sex scene–even in an image search.  Her male counterpart in the scene says something to the tune of “you have perfect nipple symmetry.”  LMAO.  I about pissed myself when I heard that.  This scene actually earned her the #2 spot in The Best 15 Topless Moments of Mainstream Horror Movies.

Here, Ms. Guill demonstrates why kids get killed in slasher movies…

1.  Drinking. Especially underage and/or binge drinking.  Jason Voorhees HATES that!

2.  Slutty drunken dancing.  Yup.  Linnea Quigley did it in Return of the Living Dead (1985).  It didn’t work out well for her either.


3.  Premarital Sex.  If you ever saw Jason with his mask off, you know he doesn’t get a lot of play.  He get’s really jealous!

I think I speak for the entire testosterone nation in saying “Julianna, we love you and we want more!”

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