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The Scream Queens of Film: Briana Evigan

January 1, 2013


Briana Evigan (born October 1986; 5’6″) is no stranger to horror.  In fact, her only non-horror work that I’ve seen is Step Up 2 (2008)–which, by the way, I absolutely adored.  Super fun movie for anyone out there who harbors the fantasy of starting a hip hop crew…like me…even though I can’t dance…like, at all.  I thought she did well in Step Up 2, and I think she does well in horror.

Do you think her agent told her about this scene when he handed her the script for Sorority Row?  Doubtful.

In the last few years horror seems to have been paying the bills for her…3:30 AM (rumored), Mine Games (2012), The Caretaker (2013), The Devil’s Carnival (2012), Mother’s Day (2010), Sorority Row (2009), S. Darko (2009) and House of the Damned (1996).

Weather chatting with the sorority sisters in cute girly pajamas or sweaty, scared, and scantily clad, Evigan does well in Tank Top Horror flicks.

Being born in Los Angeles to actor parents, it comes as no surprise that she found her way to the acting scene.  But while I found her easily lovable in Step Up 2, she really just seemed to perform “okay” in her horror roles.  I mean, “okay” is WAY better than most random horror actresses can do, but she doesn’t ever seem to let herself go; to really go for it and OWN her role.

Sharni Vinson also emerged from the Step Up franchise, and she totally owned You’re Next (2013)–in fact, she saved that movie!  I hope Evigan finds that same confidence, because I feel she’s certainly capable…

and pleasant to watch.

Evigan has also danced her way into music videos for Flo Rida, Linkin Park and Enrique Iglesias. I’d like to see this raspy-voiced minx in more leading roles.  Step Up 5, perhaps?  I was shocked that she didn’t cameo in parts 3 or 4.  Maybe Texas Chainsaw Whatever part 14?

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