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The Texas Chainsaw Scream Queens, Part 3: The Girls of Texas Chainsaw 3-D (2013)

February 4, 2013


Not Safe For Work:
Folks, let’s be real.  No article called “Scream Queens” should be considered suitable for workplace viewing.  While not all such articles include provocative images of our Scream Queen starlets, you just may encounter images of these women in lingerie, bathing suits, or even covered in gore; generally imagery that you don’t want your boss to see on your screen when looking over your shoulder.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise reboot has been quite successful in providing horror fans with high quality Tank Top Horror gorefests.  In the previous installments of The Texas Chainsaw Scream Queens I presented Erica Leerhsen, Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster and Diora Baird.  Today we the sweaty, bloody and screaming Alexandra Daddario and Tania Raymonde…

“It’s okay, guys.  So you inherited a weird mansion in the middle of nowhere from someone you didn’t know existed.  It’s not like horror movies start out this way, right?”

Heather (Alexandra Daddario) and Nikki (Tania Raymonde).

Alexandra Daddario (born in 1986 in New York, New York; 5’8″):

Outside of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians movies (2010, 2013), Texas Chainsaw 3-D (2013) has been her most major movie and her only big lead role.  Her other recent successes were in TV’s Parenthood (2011-2012) and White Collar (2009-2011).



  Here she is on Parenthood with co-star Peter Krause.  I wonder what he was thinking while filming this scene…  “God, don’t look at her breasts!  Don’t look at her breasts!!  Don’t look at her breasts!!!”

She hasn’t been dominating the magazine “Sexiest” lists just yet.  But after Texas Chainsaw 3-D (2013) it would be hard to imagine that she won’t.  I also expect to see her in more horror.

 Heather (Alexandra Daddario)

Tania Raymonde (born in 1988 in Los Angeles, California; 5’4″):  Chillerama (2011) and Texas Chainsaw 3-D (2013) have been Tania’s only horror films so far.  But I have a feeling we’ll see more of her.

Here Raymonde is trying to pick out an outfit to seduce her co-star Trey Songz.
Spoiler Alert:  IT WORKS!!!


Nikki (Tania Raymonde) sinning with Ryan (Trey Songz).

She also sought success in television with shows like Lost and Switched at Birth, but no job lasted more than one season’s worth of episodes.  She still needs to find her place.  As long as she’s willing, horror ought to put food on the table for now.

Looking lovely on the set of Lost.

Tania is the shortest of the Texas Chainsaw reboot scream queens by three or four inches.  But, despite her average height, I think we can find a few reasons to forgive her.  When you see the movie you’ll learn that the cameraman did–he couldn’t stop framing the cast without focusing on her butt as part of the framing.  LOL

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