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The Scream Queens of Film: Sharni Vinson, more than just another Scream Queen

August 28, 2013

Not Safe For Work:
Folks, let’s be real.  No article called “Scream Queens” should be considered suitable for workplace viewing.  While not all such articles include provocative images of our Scream Queen starlets, you just may encounter images of of these women in lingerie, bathing suits, or even covered in gore; generally imagery that you don’t want you boss to see on your screen when looking over your shoulder.  


Sharni Vinson (born in 1983 in Sydney, Australia; 5’6″) started singing and dancing young, being a third generation performer in her family.  This probably sounds like this would lead to a failed Hollywood career littered with gratuitous nudity and extra casting as “hot girl #4” or “girl in bikini” in the occasional major release.  Instead she started a promising TV career, starring in the popular Australian series Home and Away (2001-2008), which as far as I can tell is an Aussie The O.C. or Laguna Beach or something.  After four random one-episode roles on as many American TV shows from 2008-2010, she landed the lead role in Step Up 3D (2010).  She was also in the sequel to Blue Crush, but I’d rather not talk about that.

Step Up 3D

Most recently, we’ve seen her in the largely over-hyped horror release You’re Next(2013, but completed in 2011).  This movie brought us horrible filmmaking, weak characters, hardly a feasible or steady story…but it was unexpectedly complemented by one of the best, credibly tough horror heroines in the last decade!  Clearly this wasn’t because of good direction or writing, otherwise I would have liked something about the movie other than Sharni–and I LOVED her in it.  She saved that movie and made the experience worth it for me.

Sharni character (Erin) is a strong-willed woman who makes believably smart choices while remaining appropriately scared.  She maintains just enough control, avoids life-ending idiotic decisions, and when she’s fighting for her life she does it credibly.  She also managed to do it all while keeping her top on.  And I don’t mean that simply as a crass joke.  SHE OWNED THAT ROLE and it would have destroyed all believability if she was over-sexualized.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but a good actress seems to have walked out of a Step Up movie!  While I strongly feel she is meant for bigger, much better things, for now her roles are dominated by horror.  I hope she shines brightly in the upcoming Australian horror Patrick (2013) and the currently available release Bait (2012; also Australian) about a tsunami trapping some locals in an Australian supermarket with a great white shark–yeah, I buy it.

Bait (2012)

She is so much more than “some chick” or even “that hot chick” from a horror movie.  After seeing You’re Next I can comfortably say that if I ever don’t like her in a role, it’s probably the fault of a domineering director.  Here she is simply loving the camera…

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