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Tusk: I Am The Walrus

October 3, 2014

Tusk movie poster

I’ve grown up with Kevin Smith films and it has been fun to watch his career trajectory. He introduced us to contractor death in Star Wars. He taught me the word “Snowball.” Now, he has a man being turned into a walrus. His career has been anything but predictable and it has lead to Tusk.

I enjoyed Tusk because of how random the experience was. It was based on a Smodcast  episode that Smith and Scott Mosier did called The Walrus and the Carpenter. The two talked about an ad that stated somebody could live for free in a house if they dressed like a walrus. The ad was a hoax but it still inspired Smith to write the horror/comedy/drama.  It is vulgar, weird, exciting, crude, scary and features a gonzo extended A-list cameo. It is impossible to know where it is going and I appreciated that. Smith has taken a major risk and because of that there are things that I will never unsee.

The story revolves around a snarky blogger who travels to Canada in order to get a good story. Events transpire that lead him to the country home of a man with nefarious plans. The man waxes poetic and eventually constrains him via poisoned tea. The walrus loving gentleman is played by Michael Parks who is given a showcase role in which he clearly thrives

Tusk Justin Long

What follows is incredibly bloody yet never too extreme movie. I am not a fan of gore but Tusk never grossed me out (Co-writer and Horror Czar John approved of the gore). I was never shocked because it was all so random. When the gore gets to be too much Smith switches over to an extended scene featuring Johnny Depp acting cheekily. Tusk plays like a pinball machine on redbull. It bounces all over the place and is controlled by a stoned man slamming on the flippers (did not intend to make that joke).

Adding to the confusion are Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez. They play Long’s best friend and girlfriend who travel to Canada to look for him. Their subplot is odd but there is one thing that never changes. Kevin Smith’s heroes  always have incredibly patient and attractive significant others. Shannon Elizabeth allowed Jason Mewes to call her “boo boo kitty f**k” in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  Rosario Dawson had trysts in Clerks 2 that got mayo in strange places. Elizabeth Bank made a porno with Seth Rogen. The weirder Smith’s films get there is always one thing that stays the same.

Tusk Genesis Rodriguez

Tusk is weird. Tusk is fun  Tusk will annoy many people. Appreciate it for what it is. Kevin Smith has embraced the indie side and he is churning out odd delights that make him happy.


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