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Deep Blue Sea 2: A Terrible Movie That Rips-Off Its Much Better Predecessor

May 5, 2018


Deep Blue Sea 2 is a dumpster fire of a movie that does nothing to justify its existence. It barely works as a cohesive movie and doesn’t try to rise above its low budget by attempting something creative, fun or intelligent. The best way to explain Deep Blue Sea 2 is to compare it to what happens when you throw a large rock into water (it sinks quickly). When I first heard there was going to be a direct-to-DVD-sequel to Deep Blue Sea (a straight-up classic that I write about a lot) I was worried because aside from the Tremors series, franchises don’t have much luck when they ditch the original cast, lose 90% of the budget and rely heavily upon blue lighting.


Deep Blue Sea 2 tells the story of a bunch of non-characters going to an aquatic laboratory owned by a pharmaceutical billionaire to help prevent AI from taking over the world. The specialists initially think they are going to help extract shark antibodies to cure the world of all its diseases. However, they quickly learn that billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach) has modified five bull sharks and turned them into a pack-hunting gang of intelligent-murderers in the hopes of using their intelligence to prevent a Terminator-style extinction event caused by robots. Before you can say “peeing in the wind” things go awry and the facility becomes damaged and flooded which forces the characters to split up and eventually become baby shark food. The weirdest thing about Deep Blue Sea 2 is the large bull sharks never enter the facility because they leave the grunt work to newly born sharks that swim through the building like a bunch of piranhas that devour their prey via many nibbles. The rest of the movie is a bunch of cheap nonsense that leaves the characters wandering through the same stretch of cheap hallway sets.

The idea of modifying sharks to prevent an apocalypse is fun but the way everything is handled makes the proceedings very dull and almost insulting. The cinematography is bland and when combined with the constant barrage of red/blue lighting everything looks flat and cheap. I understand the budget must’ve been crazy low, but some of the best low-budget movies have found ways to be creative/innovative in order to maximize the budget and develop new techniques on the cheap (think Evil Dead). The script doesn’t help either as the flat characters spout flat dialogue like “sharks don’t eat nerds” and “They’re learning to learn and they like it” while they stare blankly at the other characters.


Deep Blue Sea 2 is a waste of time that rips off its predecessor and offers nothing new or fun to the world. Everything about it is flat and I feel bad for the actors who signed on thinking they would star in a cheeky sequel that could’ve been fun (think Tremors sequels). Don’t make the mistake I did by spending your valuable free time on it. Stay far away from it and watch Deep Blue Sea again, then, come back and read some great articles about it.




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