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Bad Movie Tuesday: The Lost Boys: The Thirst

May 3, 2011

Lost Boys: The Thirst

The sequel to the direct to DVD sequel of The Lost Boys starring Corey Feldman as a guy named Froggy who hunts vampires.

This tongue in cheek little movie centers around a vampire DJ who throws massive raves around the world and wants to build an army of vampires. What I don’t get is that the guy is a successful musician. What is the allure of traveling to small cities to turn misguided teens into lounging vampires who bolster the leather trade?

There is a scene in the film where the vampires are flying around in their private jet when I began to wonder how these vamps make enough money to afford this luxury. Do they work?

What happens if you turn into a vampire? You’d have to quit your job….The question is how do they make money? This makes me question why so many people love vampires. Also, in every vampire movie humans want to become vampires. Why?

If you think about Dracula (the oldest of all vampires…I think)  he lived in a castle by himself and taunted villagers. Is that anyway to live? He didn’t even have a pulsating beat to get his boogey on. My theory is that he attacked the villagers so he could have the cows to themselves…thus leather pants were invented.

Why does every Vampire enjoy raves? As soon as they become vampires do they have the sudden urge to dance? Do they order the clothes online or do they go to stores at night?…..even then they can’t see themselves in the outfits.

 Check out these pics below. Even the vampires who hunt vampires accessorize. I never once aside from Twilight have seen a vampire work. They know enough to look hip but can’t handle the stress of stocking shelves at a Wal-Mart.

The Thirst movie had two things going for it.

1. A vampire monologues for a very long time and then asks “who do you think I am?”

Corey Feldman replies “ugly.”

2. This movie did feature a cool character. A reality star who made himself famous by  wrestling bears. Now, he wants to fight some “skinny goth vampires.” This guy reminds me of me. Not only did I manage to put two indie kids in one headlock I also proclaimed after a long night in Korea that “I could punch a ghost in the face.” I liked the guy but he meets a vampire and gets his head punched off…Luckily I won’t meet the same fate because I choose not to enter sewers that are potentially full of blood suckers.

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  1. May 5, 2011 9:33 pm

    I loved this one because it was tongue-in-cheek, especially how much Feldman went with it. And on that show Forever Knight that used to be on USA, vampires had jobs like third shift police detective and late-night DJ, and I would imagine doing that for 100 years could be a lot of money if invested properly. My thing is, how do they get the calories they need for the raves and superhuman strength when all they’re eating is blood? It would make more sense if they were pastoralists, herding cows and bulls, eating them, then using the skins for their leather outfits.

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