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Wes Anderson Mix Tape

May 16, 2011
Hello all. Mark here. Wes Anderson is my favorite director. His movies never get old. One thing I particulary love about Wes Anderson’s movies are the soundtracks. I’ve bought them all and Constantly listen to them. My cousin Jonny Moore sent me a text one day and told me he wrote a post about an all Anderson mix tape. I loved the idea and had to post it. Enjoy!
By: Jonny Moore
I’m ashamed to say that I read the reviews on They’re not in depth enough and in my opinion, the reviews aren’t very good. But the chance of a new song I might like is why I read.
Two articles spun my interest on a Wes Anderson mixtape. The first being, Sufjan Stevens allegedly suffered a breakdown while watching Fantastic Mr. Fox. He described it as feeling like he was being possessed. Later he commented that he thinks Fantastic Mr. Fox is a “wonderful film”. The second being, the new Kurt Vile single was described as music that “Wes Anderson would Masturbate to” combining “Niko and Elliot Smith” (The first case of a review that was too in-depth. I listed the song below, you decide).
I looked at my iPod and put together a quick list of songs that might be on Wes’ playlist. My list was only 4 songs. So the search was on. I had to consider a number of things when selecting a song.
1. How indie was a song?
2. How popular was it? I considered using Dan Auerbach’s “Going Home” but a recent Budweiser commercial about a soldier coming home from a tour stole my thunder and all the exclusivity that my brother Jeremy loves (I still love it).
3. How old was the song? The whole playlist couldn’t entirely be the Stones, Niko and the Kinks. So recent music had to be considered.
4. Could I picture the song used in a slow mo sequence. One of the many things I love about Wes Anderson films is the music played in conjunction with the slow mo walking (See: “By the Way of the Green Line Bus” and “Rushmore Revenge” below).
If a song met any one or more of these criteria, it was considered. If it hit all four (See “Furr”) then it was pure gold. Here are a few of my favorite scenes from Anderson Films:
Rushmore Revenge
The Life Aquatic Gunfight
By Way of the Green Line Bus
Royal Tenenbaums “Needle in the Hay”
Here is my playlist.
1. “West Coast” – Coconut Records
Jason Swartzman’s band = super indie.


2. “Babies Arms” – Kurt Vile

3. “I Want You” – Bob Dylan

4. “Furr” – Blitzen Trapper

5. “Little Satchel” – Sam Amidon
Couldn’t find a youtube video so here is a link to myspace.

6. “Lost Cause” – Beck

7. “Oh Bessie” – The Teeth
“Oh Bessie” is the highlight of the list. I actually had to check the sound tracks to all the movies to make sure it hadn’t been used.

8. “Still New” – Smith Westerns
Check out these ladies perform on Rolling Stone Live.

9. “Titus Andronicus Forever”- Titus Andronicus

10. “Instant Karma (We All Shine On)”- John Lennon

11. “Ashamed” – Deer tick

12. “First Cut is the Deepest” – Cat Stevens

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