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Horror Movie Starter Guide

July 7, 2011

Horror Movie Starter Guide:  Upcoming Horror Guide

By John Leavengood

      Little gets me more excited than the prospect of a horror movie marathon!  I’ve tried to include a few different flavors ranging from independent to mainstream, serious to utterly slapstick, zombies, ghosts, slashers, mutants and monsters.  Here are the goods!

 Grave Encounters


            Session 9 plus Paranormal Activity = Grave Encounters.  This nifty flick appears to be well-done, but little of the supernatural creatures are shown.  That can really make or break these movies.  I just hope they’re tactful about it because I’m really excited about this one.  Online it’s hard to track down a release date for this movie, which was evidently completed last year.  One rumor sets it for this August.  Here’s the trailer…

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark


            Guillermo del Toro has truly proven himself when it comes to fantasy creature-driven movies.  Hellboy 2’s tooth fairies and angel of death, the faun and eye-handed monster from Pan’s Labyrinth, and Hellboy’s Samaal; I’m looking forward to what creature he dreams up next (with the help of some ace make-up and CGI technicians).  We just get a hint of the diminutive horrors of the movie in this early trailer…




            This Malaysian horror flick looks deliciously bad in all the ways I love.  When I watched the trailer I saw what I can only describe as a haunted Volkswagen beetle!  There were also some cheap attempts at special effects like floating disembodied heads and worms wiggling from head wounds.  As soon as I can get my hands on this I MUST review it!!!!!

Watch this trailer.  It’ll make you smile.

 Roid Rage


So this is just a short film (14 minutes) but I thought I’d include it anyway.  The “roid” refers to hemorrhoid and when you watch the trailer there’s a little worm monster which I assume is a dude’s evil, hungry roid.  This seems like a Tromaville kind of film.

 The Dead

Wow.  Zombie fans, set your time machine for the 1970’s.  It’s been a long time since we had a decent third world zombie flick.  This one’s set in Africa, has classic, non-viral, stanky-leggin’, rheumatoid-lethargic zombies—the classic Romero brand.  The gore in the trailer is minimal, but I really hope they go classic over-the-top Lucio Fulci on us.  Fingers crossed…

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