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Cowboys & Aliens

August 5, 2011

By: Megan Arnall

This story begins when Mark and I were in a theater in November 2010 to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1The Cowboys & Aliens trailer came on the screen for a packed theater, and instead of the awe and applause for a great summer blockbuster that we expected…a bunch of high school kids laughed and mocked this awesome looking movie.  I was shocked.

Go see Cowboys & Aliens.  Go see it yesterday.  Did you see the trailer? If yes, ignore it; If no, don’t watch it.  Don’t be the cynical kids in the movie theater,  Cowboys and Aliens may sound like a funny title but weren’t you ever a kid with a huge imagination?  When you were playing Cowboys and Native Americans as a kid…wasn’t it awesome when your Star Wars X wing fighter came to join the party?

Is this the penultimate of summer blockbusters? No, but it is a fun and highly watchable movie.

Megan’s reasons why:

  • Sam. Rockwell.  Always a superb and interesting master of ‘the character.’ Does he dance in this movie? You must watch to find out.
  • Walton Goggins, the bad guy you root for.  He is amazing on TV’s Justified and he brings that same spark to his supporting role in this movie as a member of an outlaw gang.
  • Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig….and aliens.  The only summer movie I am more excited for is next summer’s Liam Neeson and aliens movie, Battleship.
  • The ultimate-movie-lover-who-is-still-a-kid-at-heart fantasy mash-up. Bond and Indy.  This is a completely independent reson from the previous one, duh
  • Harrison Ford as a role model to his Native American ward (Adam Beach, AKA one of Mark’s favorite actors) and the sheriff’s grandson
  • The daytime fight scenes, but hey when you have Industrial Light and Magic on your team how can you go wrong?

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