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30 Minutes or Less

September 4, 2011

Lots of talent, occasional laughs, Aziz Ansari.

30 Minutes or Less= A decent ride

The math does not add up though


The fact that this film was only sporadically funny is a big let down. I was hoping for so much more. Here is how it holds up against the other summer R rated comedies

1. Horrible Bosses

2. Our Idiot Brother

3. Bridesmaids

4. Bad Teacher/30 Minutes or Less

5. Hangover 2

The plot revolves around Aziz Ansari and Jessie Eisenberg robbing a bank so Danny McBride and Nick Swardson can pay Michael Pena to kill McBride’s dad.

The movie has its moments which mostly come from Ansari and Pena. Michael Pena is a hilarious dude. I don’t like the movie Observe and Report but his character provides big laughs. In his limited screen time Pena makes you like him. Aziz provides the funniest lines of the film. He is a tiny dynamo of improv.

The biggest problem is with Jessie Eisenberg. He is too smart to be playing a slacker turd. He seems uncomfortable in the role. In Zombieland, Social Network and Adventureland he blended perfectly with the characters. However, in this flick he never feels right. A little bit more tweaking on the script would have fleshed his character out a bit more.

In the end, the movie is worth your time. It has enough positives to outweigh the negatives.  I would watch the movie again. It might get better like Hot Tub Time Machine.

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