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Kung Fu Panda 2

December 24, 2011

I dig these movies. The action scenes are creative works of art and you genuinely like all the characters. Dreamworks now has two solid series at their disposal. Panda and How To Train Your Dragon will make tons of money and hopefully continue to be better than Shrek.

The movie revolves around Po the Panda trying to find inner peace while battling an angry peacock who wants to blow up China by using firework missiles.

Jack Black once again gives an inspired performance. His Po is an exuberant dude who always manages to be victorious despite himself. However, Angelina Jolie sounds bored. I’m surprised they let her get away with the monotone readings. There was quite a contrast of styles.

The character I liked the most was the second in command to Gary Oldman’s peacock. The Wolf is a tough guy who proves to be a perfect foil to the Furious Five.  My favorite part is when he describes the Panda as having a “plush, cuddly super soft face.” He reminded me of Moriarty’s second in command in Sherlock Holmes 2. I liked both the guys.

Watch the Panda. Dig the Panda. Skadoosh!

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