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January 7, 2012

Hugo is a blast of niceness. It is a love letter to the magic of cinema. The film is innocent, imaginative and beautiful. Kids should be watching Hugo and not all the disposable Chipmunk, Smurf and Zookeeper nonsense.

Martin Scorsese has crafted a wonderful 3D experience that left my girlfriend and I smiling. There are so many nice scenes in this film and the 3D brings it all together in a non obtrusive way.

The story focuses on a young orphan named Hugo Cabret. Hugo lives alone at a train station and keeps all the clocks running. He also steals small parts from a toy store in hopes to finish the automaton that he and his deceased dad were building. All of the stories tie together nicely and most importantly there are no evil bad guys.

It seems like most of the people watching this film are adults who love Scorsese. This is a shame because Hugo could ignite children’s imaginations and have them thinking bigger. The kids in this flick build, read, climb, imagine and learn. Hugo is based on kindness and an innocence rarely achieved.

Hugo will put a smile on your face. It will also make you hope for the preservation of old cinema and all its magic.

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