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Bad Movie Tuesday: In Time

February 7, 2012

Good looking people solve problems while good looking people chase them.

Justin Timberlake plays a working stiff who decides to make the rich pay and critics moan. I was looking forward to a film where people say lines like “Your time is up” and “Time isn’t on your side.” I also hoped that JCVD would be a Time Cop and John Cusack would land in the fictional world in a hot tub. Basically, I wanted to go beyond the funny threshold and stretch the time references to a maximum.

I’d compare this movie to the bad classic Paycheck. In Paycheck Ben Affleck loses his memory and has to get it back while being chased. The movie looks good but reaches levels of ridiculous that left me hoping that somebody would get thrown from a large building so I could say “your paycheck has bounced.”

The movie centers around T-Lake kidnapping Amanda Seyfried and the two of them become underwritten Bonnie and Clyde Time Bandits. The two steal from the rich squirrely guy from Mad Men and give the time to the poor.

Odd fact: Timberlake steals time and gives ten years to his best friend played by Leonard from the Big Bang Theory. The dude then goes and drinks himself to death. The strange thing is that he leaves behind his wife and child.

Chasing the good-looking people are local attractive thugs. These thugs are chased by the svelte “time keepers.” These well manicured folks look at their wrists a lot and worry about time while chasing each other. Eventually, the movie ends and the world is better….or is it?

The movie was written, produced and directed by Andrew Nicol. Nicol wrote the great Truman Show and directed the science fiction gem Gattaca. Those two movies took viewers to new and interesting worlds that were completely engrossing.  However, Nicol missed the mark this time. Instead, of creating characters he instead creates a world of running actors.  Steven Rea sums up Nicol’s movie perfectly when he says “Phillip K. Dick for knuckleheads.”

The movie looks great but multiple critics described it as “ham handed.” There is a streamlined look but the dialogue is so clunky it makes for a stark contrast of beauty and dumb. It is like a Lamborghini riding over speed bumps. That is why you should watch this film. It is a curious little bugger that provides the viewer with many pithy comments. Just read Rotten Tomatoes and you will notice the creative dog pile.

Watch this movie. Surprise yourself with funny one-liners. Appreciate that there are movies like this still being made. Bad is good when it is unknowingly bad.

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