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February 9, 2012

Chronicle is a wonderful piece of low-budget film making that will put director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis on the map. This $12 million found footage film is one of the best of the genre and introduces the world to a trio of talented young actors.

The characters are what makes this film work. The three leads have a believable chemistry and the friendship formed provides a solid base for this superhero origin story. Andrew is a bullied loner, Matt quotes Plato and Steve is the outgoing popular guy. The three of them go into a cavernous hole and come out with superpowers.

At first the powers are used comically. They use leaf blowers to lift up skirts, move cars and impress at talent shows. However, as their powers increase Andrew begins to embrace the dark side. The three friends have to come to grips with their abilities and the dangerous turn of events.

I would love to write more about the film but I don’t want to give anything away. I went into Chronicle knowing nothing and the experience was totally enjoyable. It was a breath of fresh air to witness the creativity without the prior knowledge.

I will say the best part of this film is the friendship. Chronicle is good (85% Rotten Tomatoes) because you like these guys. The characters are believable and you understand why they’ve bonded. When you take a journey with three people you like it makes the trip worthwhile.

Trank manages to create a wonderful superhero origin story full of solid acting, dialogue and CGI. I dug the originality and wish the other original origin story Jumper would have lived up to this film.

Watch this movie. Dig the originality. Appreciate the characters. Spelunk into every hole you find.

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