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Movies, Films & Flix Oscar Talk: Best Picture

February 23, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

I understand why eight of these movies are on the list. However, I don’t understand the inclusion of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It is in no way better than Drive, Warrior, Like Crazy, The Guard or Take Shelter.

With the Oscars approaching this has become a race between three films. Hugo, The Artist and The Descendants are neck in neck racing towards the finish line. Hugo and The Artist are similar in their sweeping respect to cinema. The Descendants is popular because it is a Alexander Payne/George Clooney joint that has more depth than expected.

Here are the Vegas betting odds:

The Artist – 1/9

The Descendants- 9/1

Hugo – 18/1

The Help – 20/1

War Horse – 40/1

Moneyball – 80/1

Midnight in Paris – 80/1

The Tree of Life 100/1

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Loud – 100/1

Logic says that The Artist has all the momentum leading into Sunday. However, in a world where Shakespeare in Love can beat Saving Private Ryan I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upset.

I’d love to see Tree of Life, War Horse or Midnight in Paris win the award. Tree is a beautifully simple film. War Horse is a sweeping memorable film. Midnight is an intelligent and watchable film.

What amazes me is that backlash that has been hitting The Artist. Critics are complaining about the dancing, simple plot and understanding of black and white cinema. When the film came out people loved it. Roger Ebert said it was “black and white and great all over.” It seems that whenever a film becomes a front-runner that backlash begins. The same thing happened to The King’s Speech last year.

Who will win: The Artist

Who should win: War Horse

Who would win in a perfect world: Take Shelter

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