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Big Budget Bonanza: Men in Black III

March 9, 2012

Men in Black III

This movie has been through rewrites, re-shoots and new casting. The buzz surrounding this BIG budget film is a mixture of curiosity and hope. Early word is not good but I wouldn’t bet against Will Smith. People love seeing him on-screen and the goodwill from the first MIB has not disappeared.

MIB 3 revolves around J (Will Smith) going back to the 1960s and teaming up with a young K (Josh Brolin) to save the earth. Along the way they deal with cheeky aliens, cool toys and large space ships.

The coolest aspect of this film is the appearance of Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Concords) as the bad guy. The original  MIB had a great villain so I’m hoping Mr. Clement will provide a unique force of cosmic funny and menace.

I’m assuming he will be helped by curiously cast Nicole Scherzinger who looks to be giving him a cake to escape prison. The newest preview keeps their characters under wraps. Also, kept out of the preview is Alice Eve playing a younger version of Emma Thompson’s Oh.

Why you should watch this: Will Smith is always good, Tommy Lee Jones deadpans like no other and Brolin seems to have TLJ’s mannerisms perfected. This movie has an air of secrecy around it that has me intrigued. Will this movie be a huge misstep or will it be benefited by the re-shoots, rewrites and delays?

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