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The Muppets

April 15, 2012

The Muppets is joy on top of joy. It moves along at a brisk pace and leaves a constant smile on your face. You can tell the people who made it had an obvious love for the Muppets. The film was directed and the songs were written by two Flight of the Conchords alumni. James Bobin and Bret McKenzie infuse the film with Kiwi joy. The film was written by super fans Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).  These four people bring a wonderful comic and hipster approach to a classic.

The movie revolves around Gary (Jason Segel) and his brother Walter. One is a man the other is a muppet. Together with Gary’s girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) they head to the Muppet theater for a fun vacation.

While visiting the old Muppet’s studio they realize the Muppets are not popular anymore and they’ve all gone their separate ways. However, an evil businessman plans to destroy the studio and build himself some condominiums.

My favorite line of the movie is when Cooper’s bear henchman finally realizes that are working for a villain. The bear asks “Are we working for the bad guy?”

The rest of the movie involves The Muppets trying to save their studio by putting on one last show to raise 10 million dollars Along the way they kidnap Jack Black, annoy Emily Blunt and find the support of TV producer Rashida Jones.

I do not remember any of the songs and the relationship between Jason Segal and Amy Adams is strangely underwritten. However, despite its shortcomings the movie tries to do something good. It revives the Muppets for the youngsters and the hipsters.

Watch The Muppets. Smile. Put chocolate on a moose.

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