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The Three Stooges

April 25, 2012

The Three Stooges is a passion project that is impossible to hate. The movie seems strange in 2012 but has enough love behind it to give the viewer a few decent laughs. The 44% on Rotten Tomatoes is fair and everyone seems pleasantly surprised that the movie is not horrible. It is actually kinda/sorta/sporadically fun. This is a movie that is succeeding because it isn’t terrible. An added bonus is that the Farrelly brothers shot both Hall Pass and Three Stooges in Georgia so I have to support the Atlanta film scene.

The story features three 30 minutes stories and revolves around the stooges trying to save their beloved orphanage that is run by Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson and a bikini clad Kate Upton who is in the film for obvious marketing reasons.

Kate upton gq cover

Kate Upton sports illustrated cover Kate upton sports illustrated


In the process of saving the orphanage they battle Sofia Vergara, get a job on The Jersey Shore and hit a lion in the balls with a peanut that was shot from a dolphins blow-hole. The biggest issue against the film is the occasional infantile humor that culminates with the stooges using baby in a pee fight. The Stooges remain committed though.

The three actors give it their all. Will Sasso, Sean Hayes and Chris Diamantopoulos channel Larry, Curly and Moe impressively.

I’m sad and happy that the celebrity packed version with Jim Carey, Benecio Del Toro and Sean Penn didn’t work out. I’m happy because I don’t think I could have gotten over Sean Penn playing a stooge. I’m bummed because it would be neat to see if Del Toro could do it.

The Three Stooges features three big laughs. I won’t be giving away too much by telling you the jokes.

1.  A guy “turtles” in his full body cast to escape dynamite.

2. Moe wears a Throwdown shirt and a Kangol hat while on the Jersey Shore.

3. The Three Stooges have an epic three-way battle that showcases the actors commitment to slapstick.

The Three Stooges is not a good movie. At times I wondered why I was watching it. However, I know that it was hindered by a revolving door of actors and a limited budget. The one thing that cannot be in doubt is that the Farrelly Brothers love the source material and made this to honor their stooge heroes. It was their goal to bring the stooges to a new generation of kids and rekindle the old folks love of yuck yucks and eye gouging.

Better than expected. Still not good. Fun in moments. Watch it while getting an oil change or because you are waiting to watch Lockout with your girlfriend.

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