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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2)

June 29, 2012

John already wrote a wonderful and comprehensive review for this film. He covers  the fight choreography, characters and story line. However, he did not cover how absolutely insane this movie is. So, read John’s review for in-depth coverage while I talk about a movie where Abraham spins unnecessarily while twirling an axe.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was movie directed by a crazy Russian who is known for crazier films (Night Watch, Day Watch). He takes his kinetic sensibility and has invented an Axe-Fu romp with no trace of logic, character development or pacing. He also directs his two big action set pieces amidst a horse stampede and flaming bridge. Nothing in Timur Bekmanbetov movies involve gravity. For instance,  Bullets bend, people fly and Abe can do triple flips whilst holding an axe.

This is my guess as to what Timur is telling Benjamin.

“We are going to attach you to some wires then spin you till you puke.”

The performances are quite good and the actors handle the fight scenes well. The ending burning bridge battle is a marvel of uncontrolled chaos and superb teamwork between Anthony Mackie and Walker.

The plot moves briskly through Abe’s formative years and eventual pursuit of vampire death and reuniting a nation. Twenty seconds are all he needs to learn how to destroy trees with a single axe swipe.  He also knows how to run across the backs of horses while they gallop. A moment that sums up this film is the first kiss between Abe and Mary Todd. Abe is a tall man so she takes off his hat, stands on it and kisses his cheek. After the cheek smooch she stands off of the hat and places it back on his head undamaged.

The make up in this film is wonderful. The subtle changes never feel jarring and you wish Clint Eastwood would have called the artist before he made J. Edgar. Also, You never once doubt in Benjamin Walker’s wonderful axe skills.

This movie will make you say “huh?” If you watch Abe expect to scratch your head at least 43 times. If you are able to embrace the crazy Russian director, disregard of history and total insanity you will appreciate this film.

Do not take this movie seriously. It is a straight-laced action epic that you can have a lot of fun with.

Good. Bad. Abe is the one with the axe.

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  1. johnleavengood permalink
    June 29, 2012 5:40 pm

    I hope Timur Bekmanbetov gives us another present like this every year. We could do with some more Matrix-meets-fantasy and/or history mach-up.


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