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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

July 23, 2012


Two good looking/charming people bond over salmon fishing in the Yemen. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a quirky yet reserved film that features two of my favorite actors Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Watching them surrounded by beautiful vistas and large fish makes for a breezy experience.


The movie was adapted from the popular UK satirical book and features Ewan McGregor as a mousy fisheries expert who is as knowledgable about fish as he is cantankerous. He is in a glacially cold marriage to a woman who lords over him and treats him like an underling. He works with Emily Blunt’s friendly and intelligent consultant to a wealthy sheikh. She is recently in love with a kind solider who has just been called up to Afghanistan. They are brought together to bring fishing to the Yemen.  The plan is quickly dismissed but when the prime ministers press secretary Kristen Scott Thomas latches onto the good will story the plan is set into motion. Soon enough the Sheikh transfers 50 million for the project and McGregor/Blunt have to make the improbable possible.


Very rarely does a nice little film like this come around. It features a unique plot and likable characters who are working to achieve a strange goal. The main problem with the film is that they use a solider being MIA as a plot device. Is he dead? Is he alive? It seems like forced drama in a movie that should just flow like the rivers the salmon travel in. This film has a lot in common with The Big Year. The films have a warmth to them that is lacking in most studio movies. You like all of the characters and enjoy the time you spend with them. They bring us to new worlds unbeknownst to many. For instance, when Scott Thomas finds out that there are two million fishing enthusiats in the UK she tells the Prime Minister he needs to learn how to fish. These two things are beloved by many but understand by very few.

Salmon moves at a leisurely pace and breezes by. It is a perfect film to watch on a Sunday night after a busy weekend.

Watch Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Enjoy the chemistry. Soak in the scenary.

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