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Trailer Talk: Man of Steel and Skyfall

August 4, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

There are a couple big films coming out and the MFF crew had a few things to say about them.

Man of Steel

Tony 9.5: This is going to be an instant classic. Even though this particular trailer could be a commercial for “Deadliest Catch”

Mark: How pissed would you be if you were a captain on a crab fishing boat and you found out Superman worked on your boat and didn’t use his powers?

Tony 9.5: If Nolan wasn’t producing it, I don’t think fans would give it much chance, I know I wouldn’t.

Mark: I am happy that Nolan is producing this film and keeping Snyder in check. His popular films have been remakes and adaptations. His latest (and huge) blemish is a film with robots, dragons and scantily clad women that managed to be boring….

O’Lasavath: I have nothing snarky to say about this. I’m really excited for this movie.

Mark: I am happy that Michael Shannon is the bad guy. He is probably the only human who could make Superman a little intimidated.

John: I thought this trailer was for a remake of The Perfect Storm all the while thinking “that dude looks like the guy playing Superman.”  I was happy, but confused, that this was a Superman ad.

Mark: Tim Burton was planning on making a Superman film with Nic Cage. This is what that film would have looked like.

John: I am certain that there is no way–none at all–that you could possibly ever overpost this glorious clip.

Mark: Any chance I get to include Nic Cage gallivanting around the woods whilst in a bear suit I take

John: I’d like to see Joe Manganiello as Superman.  Or is America not ready for a dude who just played “Big Dick Richie” with a Big’n’Tall supersavers card saving damsels and small children from dangerous falls?  Hey, kid.  Grab a hold of this!  [followed by the sound of uncoiling]  Hold on tight

Mark: People would still like that more than Superman Returns.


Mark: Who should be Bond after Craig hangs up his suit? Fassbender, McGregor, Tatum, Renner, Bale, Hardy, Bloom, Hemsworth or Downey Jr.?

Sweet Sugar: If anybody says JGL, it will be jab city.

O’Lasavath: Rowan Atkinson

John: I think Hardy has the best combination of age (for his franchise durability) and British-ness.

Mark: I’d love to see Channing Tatum get the role for two reasons.
1. Former Tampa stripper makes good.
2. I love to hear the UK reaction

 John: Really like Tatum.  But, like you, I’d be entertained by the nuclear fan fallout as well.

Mark: Maybe the movie could be about an evil producer (Sean Bean) looking to cast an American (Adam Sandler) to play 707. the famous English movie spy. James Bond has to stop the film from being made before the film causes mass riots and anarchy……………………………. It would still be better than Quantum of Solace.

Sweet Sugar: Instead of special gadgets, the Tatum Bond dances his way out of dangerous situations. And instead of a tuxedo, he just wears a bow tie and no shirt.

Dance like this? At :27 seconds.

Or like this?

I just like this clip

Mark: Christopher Nolan wants to direct a Bond film. Here is what we can expect
1. Michael Caine as Q
2. 1,700 monologues
3. Cillian Murphy as Bond and his evil twin Steve (awesome)
4. Marion Coitilard as a femme fatale.
5. Guy Pearce with short-term memory committing terror with none of the guilty memories.
This hypothetical list has become pretty sweet

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