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Bad Movie Tuesday: The Questions Raised By a Bad Scene in a Bad Movie

October 16, 2012

Do you remember the film Torque? I sure do. It was an unfortunate movie that jumped on the Fast and the Furious bandwagon. I’d compare it to the quickly cancelled shows The Playboy Club and Pan Am that were made to ride the alcoholic coattails of Mad Men.  Torque was a gonzo copycat that featured a sassy Ice Cube, personalized biker gear and the diet cola version of biker gangs.


Today I am going to analyze a perplexing scene that I’ve found humorous for many years. It is one of those scenes that could be easily ignored but I’ve built it into mythical proportions.

Sidenote: When I say “mythical proportions” I mean told a few of my buddies about it.

Here is what the bad scene includes:

1. A good looking female biker

2. A good looking male biker

3. two bottles of Budweiser beer

4. A swing set

Here is how the scene plays out. The two have just been chased by a mulleted man and a leather clad Jaime Pressly. They are hiding out in a dilapidated playground and decide to wax poetic. Here are their pictures if you wondering what Ramone loving biker gang folk look like.


The man walks out with two bottles of Budweiser and he hands one to the woman and he keeps the other bottle for himself. He takes a swig of his beer and throws it into the darkness. He then grabs the woman’s beer, takes one sip and throws it away too.

Two bottles of beer, two sips and two throws. Why did they buy the beer in the first place? They were in the middle of nowhere and they picked up beer, put it on their bikes then proceeded to break the bottles in a playground. The guy breaks them so casually you feel like he does it all the time. I’d hate to drink with the guy because he would go through a case and in five minutes and leave you with nothing.

I never understood this scene. From a production stand point how many bottles did they have to throw. Who cleaned this up?  Did Budweiser force them to have the beer in the scene and the director got mad about it?  I haven’t seen beer wasted like that since Stone Cold Steve Austin was running wild in the WWE. Is the director talking about how many beers he wants thrown in this scene?


We will never get to the bottom of this scene. Imagine asking the director why he chose to waste the beer. He would think you were insane or that you love Budweiser. I don’t ever want to know why the scene was so random. I don’t want to know why their clothes are so clean and stylized.

Torque Mazur

I appreciate the dumb. Sometimes you need movies that make zero sense and spend more time on Jaime Pressly’s fake tattoos and this guys mullett.

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  1. johnleavengood permalink
    October 16, 2012 7:38 pm

    A rip off of The Fast in the Furious featuring the dude on the left (in the last image, just above) from The Fast and the Furious and Fast Five. I guess he needed something to do while the franchise ignored him for the three interim films. And, since they killed him off in Fast Five, he’ll need to do Torque 2 to get over his omission from the franchise’s ongoing The Fast and the Furious 6–which continues to shuffle the wording of its title so much it’s back to the original.

  2. VJ Long permalink
    October 17, 2012 12:03 am

    Do you think with the success of Torque they will have a much bigger budget to make Torque 2, and can then upgrade from Budweiser to Makers Mark? One good pull off the whiskey bottle then smash that aged goodness into oblivion!


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