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Seven Psychopaths

October 24, 2012


Quite possibly the worst marketing of the year. They are making it seem like a cheeky little film involving cheeky animals and sassy characters. People expecting normalcy will be in for a rude awakening. 

Martin McDonagh (In Bruges) is fantastic. His writing incorporates intelligent button pushing and violent poetry. He and his brother John McDonagh (The Guard) are responsible for two of the best films of this decade and he continues his ascent to the top of the independent mountain with Seven Psychopaths. A violent story of real psychopaths, fictional psychopaths and a gnarly throat scar.


Christopher Walken hasn’t been this good since Catch Me If You Can. Colin Farrell does more acting in two minutes here than he does in all of Total Recall. Woody Harrelson takes on the Ralph Fiennes villain role with less menace and more quirk (not a bad thing). Sam Rockwell is fantastically weird and he ends his years long streak of movie dancing in this film.


Seven Psychopaths tells the story of a man who is writing a movie, talking about a movie and being assisted by his psycho friends. After Rockwell steals Woody’s beloved dog the film veers off into unexpected territory and often comments on where it is headed. The movie is self aware, often hilarious and full of fleshed out characters who often bleed a lot. It also features a scene where Woody delivers the mother of all neck squeezes on Colin Farrell.

This film will live on for years as movie lovers watch it and quote the movie. It is a quip factory that will require multiple viewings to learn them all. The film is not for everyone because of the ultra violence, profanity and wonky narrative. It is a wild and unexpected ride into the seedier areas of Los Angeles and the boozy memory of an alcoholic writer.

Sit back, relax and watch your favorite actors as they read a fantastic script with aplomb.


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