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Sound of My Voice

November 2, 2012


DIY independent science fiction done well. Co-Writer and stat Brit Marling continues her trend of good ideas and vague endings. She burst on the independent scene with a duo of intelligent talkies Another Earth and Sound of My Voice.  Sound of My Voice is the story of a couple trying to infiltrate a cult and prove the leader to be a hoax. What they don’t expect is that the leader is a charismatic blond from 2054 (?) who can run vocal circles around her followers.


The film is a neat blend of capable film-making, solid acting and a low budget. It feels like Primer (time travel) meets Martha Marcy May Marelene (cult life) It is a vehicle for Co-writer and star Marling. She has a screen presence similar to Elizabeth Olsen and seems content with telling small, confounding and intelligent science fiction stories. At times the film plays too much like a vehicle for Marling to flex her acting and writing chops. However, She holds the screen well and I do appreciate her habit of not making things easy.

Roger Ebert summed it up well with this quote:

“The Sound of My Voice never precisely declares whether her story is true. Without going into detail, I can say that the film never precisely declares anything to be true.”

Is it a violent cult? Is she crazy? Is she from the future? Why did she sing a Cranberries song?  Will the duo get sucked in? Why do they wear so many hoodies?


There isn’t much to the film but I think Marling intended it this way. Sound of My Voice is a neat little film told by a unique voice who hopefully continues to create and realize she doesn’t need so many monologues.

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