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November 14, 2012


Exciting, refreshing and beautiful to look at. Skyfall guarantees Bond will live on to drink martinis, seduce  beautiful women and jump over komodo dragons for years to come. The film is dark, foreboding and features another sure to be Oscar nominated turn from Javier Bardem. Skyfall focuses on new beginnings, characters and introductions. It also brings back the Walther PPK which has been tweaked in the 2012 age.


It hinges on a serious tone that occasionally allows glimpses of  cheeky humor associated with the Roger Moore era of 007. The film focuses on what happens when Bond gets old and the world isn’t so small. It also proves that Daniel Craig loves being shirtless.


Sam Mendes provides a confident directorial presence as he guides the film from character moments to huge explosions. The characters are believable and new additions are introduced to carry Bond into the next generation. The new Q is neat, The new M is inspired and the women are strong three dimensional characters who may or may not be killed by the charms of the super secret agent.


It is hard for me to write this review because I do not want to provide any spoilers. The film is a roller coaster ride that brings Bond back to his cheeky roots and but still manages to be a serious reflection on what Bond means nowadays. I don’t want you to know the twists and turns because they are what make it such an unexpected ride after the painful Quantum of Solace. It has a similar vibe to The Bourne Legacy which introduced characters with care and occasionally ended up on dirt bikes. The movies are completely different but you see the care taken to provide an intelligent script which doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator of action fans. There are big chases and quiet moments that show a firm understanding of what made the other films so popular.


The supporting cast is loaded with people I want to see more of. Javier Bardem better receive an Oscar nomination. Ralph Fiennes is great but I kept wishing he would channel his character from In Bruges. I will watch Naomie Harris in anything after 28 Days Later and Tristram Shandy. Finally, Ben Whishaw is a welcome Q after Jon Cleese effectively put the role in a headlock of cheeky death.

Check out Skyfall, Forget about Quantum of Solace, Watch out for komodo dragons

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