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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

December 16, 2012

The Hobbit movie poster




I’m not sure what people were expecting with The Hobbit. Spoiled cinemaphiles are complaining that it is too cheeky, too long and the 48 FPS were too realistic. The Hobbit does not feel like a cash grab or light romp. It feels like it was created by a team that loves the world and want to tell a bigger story. After the billions of dollars earned I think that Peter Jackson can do whatever he wants with The Hobbit. What has he accomplished?  He cast Martin Freeman as the perfect Bilbo, created a wonderfully dangerous world and made sure the characters are likable and iconic. When watching you will feel the same way Bilbo does when he is leaving the shire and yells “I’m going on an adventure!”

The Hobbit Bilbo adventure




It is fantastic to behold and when the movie is over you are all in on the adventure. You want to punch a spider, whittle a piece of wood into a shield and have rabbits pull you around in a sleigh. The 48 FPS takes a while to get used to and it does look like a BBC version of The Hobbit. However, no matter how annoyed you are with the visuals your trepidation will disappear once they reach Rivendale and it’s CGI beauty. There are visual moments that can stand up to Avatar, Hugo and House Party 3.

The Hobbit rivendale




I think people forget that The Hobbit is not as dark as The Lord of the Rings. I found myself a little grumpy when the dwarves were flipping dishes around Bilbo’s house. The whole thing felt too childish. However, when I heard the kids behind me laughing and saying that happened in the book I appreciated the goofy flow of the film. You will see flaming pine cones, bird poop and you can guess what will happen next.

The Hobbit fat dwarf


The thing people need to realize is that evil hasn’t decimated the world yet and the time of men is still far away. The Hobbit features a world that is headed towards the journey to destroy the ring. War and darkness are coming so enjoy the dazzling scenery while it lasts.

The Hobbit New Zealand




The Hobbit centers around 13 dwarves who are attempting to reclaim their homeland with the assistance of Bilbo and Gandalf. Along the way they will battle trolls, goblins, wolves, orcs and the dragon Smaug. What I loved most about the dwarves is that they fully support their leader Thorin Oakenshield. Their unwavering allegiance will take them to hell and back. I love movies about tough people who are outnumbered, outgunned and overpowered. Movies like 13th Warrior, Predator, Aliens, Rocky 4 and Saving Private Ryan are some of my favorites because of the huge odds the characters have to overcome. By the end of The Hobbit you will be cheering for the surly and bearded dwarves.

The Hobbit movie poster dwarves




It is nice to see recognizable faces back in Middle earth. Frodo, Elrond, Galadriel, Saruman and Lindir (Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords) are all back for more adventures. The most welcome return is that of Andy Serkis and Gollum. Bilbo’s game of riddles with Gollum is a highlight of the film and provides humor and suspense. Andy Serkis (King Kong, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) fully captures all of Gollum’s movements and WETA are the best in the motion capture business.

The Hobbit Gollum

The Hobbit Gollum ring




The Hobbit is an iconic book and Peter Jackson knows this. No matter what the faults are it is still an extraordinary experience. You love the characters, appreciate the visuals and plan on buying whatever four disc, two disc, blu-ray and special editions that will eventually be released. I can’t wait to see it again in 24 FPS and I’m stoked Bilbo accepted the impossible mission.

The Hobbit Martin Freeman contract

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