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Your Sister’s Sister

December 20, 2012

Your Sister's Sister movie poster

Three people, one cabin and many nice moments. Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosemarie DeWitt work well together and give the movie a much needed improv/natural feel. When I say “natural” I mean that the big speeches and scenes don’t seem like they were written by a control hungry auteur who has a vision all her own. The film has a spirit of collaboration and freedom that is a breath of fresh air in a stale romantic comedy climate. The director/writer Lynn Shelton has worked with Duplass before on Hump day and Safety Not Guaranteed and you can tell they work comfortably together because she knows his style and he trusts her direction. She also lets him have his contemplative moments in wonderful vistas.

Your Sister's Sister Mark Duplass




This movie would have fallen on it’s face had it felt forced. Nothing is selfish or deceiving it is just three people doing the best they can. This separates it from the rest because the stakes are never high and they don’t insert melodrama to fill up the 90 minutes.  The last thing you want are three good looking people lying, not communicating and stabbing each other in the back with first world dilemmas.  Your Sister’s Sister breezes  by and the problems are resolved in believable ways that play into the actor’s strengths.  What comes out of the semi-improvisational conversations is a feeling that they are not just reading dialogue. The movie works well with their personalities and establishes Duplass as the king of unconventional romance.

Your Sister's Sister Emily Blunt

Two story centers around two sisters and a man. Blunt knows Duplass because she briefly dated his deceased brother. The two meet up a year after his death and Blunt tells Duplass that he should get away from the world and stay at her families cabin to decompress. He gets to the cabin and meets the sister who is doing the same thing. She just got out of a seven year relationship in which her girlfriend did a physiological number on her. The two become drinking buddies and eventually have sex. Blunt shows up the next day and they try to keep it a secret. The problem is that Duplass and Blunt don’t know that they love each other yet and yada yada yada. What follows is a beat up bike, neat conversations and terrible pancakes.

The movie tells a story well and leaves you happy. This may not sound like a huge endorsement but I promise that the film rings true, you will like the characters and look forward to next time Shelton and Duplass collaborate.

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