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Bad Movie Tuesday: Miami Connection

December 25, 2012

Miami Connection movie poster


Miami Connection is so bad it transcends bad and moves towards immortal awesome. You sit with your jaw agape while people kick boards, ride motorcycles and say lines like “they don’t make buns like that at the bakery.” It is told with such optimistic ineptitude it is impossible to compare it to any other film. Filmed in 1986 by martial arts guru Y.K. Kim. The one million dollar film was turned down by every major, moderate and minor studio. It was eventually released in West Germany and forgotten. However, one fateful night the film was bought on Ebay by an employee of the Alamo Drafthouse. The film was played on the famous Weird Wednesday. It quickly became a cult hit and received a limited theatrical release. Now, the blu-ray has been released and has joined the bonker ranks of The Room, Birdemic and Troll 2. Watch the trailer and you will understand why.



What sets this film apart is the earnestness of the characters. The director Y.K. Kim who nowadays is a motivational speaker wanted to promote peace so he made a movie about a martial arts band in Orlando who battle motorcycle ninjas. Their goal is to stop the “stupid cocaine” that is flowing from Miami. Their mission leads them across flabby villains, drunk bikers and a ninja in a white suit who decapitates people. When you read interviews with Kim you notice the positivity flowing from the man. He is a ball of happy who can kick you in the face. The happiness is evident in the film but so is the insanity. Kim is positive but he also seems absolutely bonkers. He may be a martial arts dynamo but he directed this scene.



He directed and wrote this scene too.


Following this bar fight the man who received the beating tells the rival band “because of you I lost my job and got my ass kicked.” I must have pressed the rewind button 15 times because I couldn’t believe what I was watching. There are creepy Daytona beach scenes and a hilarious speech about a lost father. Miami Connection also features the oddest montage ever involving Korean motorcyclists and the dirtiest biker gang ever. It is weird, incredibly sad and features a moment where an extra clearly does not want to be touched by the main bad guy. I kept wondering where the scene was going but it never got there. It was simply a montage of bikers drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

Miami Connection is bad because Y.K. Kim wanted it to be great. He had grand expectations and epic intentions. However, the end product is a mixture of air guitar and spin kicks. After all this time Kim still thinks this movie will change the world. I doubt it will change the world but it will give people a new opinion of Orlando bands that sing about martial arts.

Y.K. Kim started a band for this film called Dragon Sound. They are a positive martial arts band who teach peace via 80’s pop. Check out Dragon Sound.



The best part is that after 25 years the band is still training together.

Dragon Sound Y.K. Kim


Miami Connection is worth the watch. If you are a bad movie connoisseur this is a must see. It is bad in ways never featured before on the big screen. I applaud you Kim. Keep fighting the good fight.

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