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Step Up 4: Revolution (2012)

January 5, 2013

MY CALL:  This flick is echelons beyond You Got Served: Beat the World (2011), and even eclipses the original You Got Served (2004) and matches all of the Step Up franchise.  This along with the other Step Up movies always leave me feeling satisfied, happy, pumped up and itching to pull a hamstring learning how to slam dance.  [B+]  IF YOU LIKE THIS WATCH:  The other Step Up movies, not necessarily in order.

Miami crew The Mob is trying to drum up 10 million YouTube hits with their filmed flash mob hip hop routines done in public.  Of course they all have crappy jobs, douche-y bosses, and could really use a break.  The movie  is predictably formulaic, but that’s okay.  The rebellious crew captain meets a rebellious young lady who, of course, also dances quite well and in a different style.  Finances grow tighter.  Douche bags become douchier.  The love interest becomes complicated by the pressure of a powerful father’s (Peter Gallagher) ultimatum.  The girl is challenged to risk everything.  The Mob puts “it all” on the line.

Together Sean (Ryan Guzman in his first movie) and Emily (SYTYCD‘s Kathryn, who looks a lot like Eliza Dushku) mix his hip hop street savvy with her contemporary style.  Born two worlds apart, but they’re one of a kind…yeah, it’s that kind of “rule-breaking” hip flick.  He says things like “trust me” and “meet me here at this time…and wear something nice.”  How mysterious and romantic, right?  He wins her romantic passion by introducing her to his life’s passion: hip hop flash mobbing.

The movie is shot well with vibrant colors bringing Miami to life.  The music is fun.  The dancing is exciting.  The flash mob set ups are cool, too.  I especially enjoyed the art gallery scene, during which many dance and lighting styles were showcased.  Even parkour (freerunning) finds its way into this movie.

There’s trampoline dancing, devil stick dancing, martial arts dancing, parkour, contemporary, girl crew booty shaking, hip hop, stop-motion robotics, a dash of krump, un poco de salsa…pretty much everything.  Oh, and the best twitchy robot dancer EVER (Vlad from Step Up 3D)makes an appearance in the finale.  Good stuff!  I seriously can’t tell if they’re modifying the film speed or if he can really move like that.  Jenny Kido and Moose (both from Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D) make appearances, too.  Surprises abound left and right.  And, no.  I didn’t ruin anything for you.

Moose leading the revolution

These actors are nothing amazing, but they don’t drown in the sea of clichés and destitute writing.  They hold their own just strong enough to keep my attention and earn a few grins as I patiently wait for the next dance scene.  The movie also features So You Think You Can Dance‘s Twitch (who is wisely given very few lines as Jason) (Step Up 3D, Stomp the Yard 2) and Mia Michaels basically playing herself.

This movie is 90 minutes of feel good, stickin’-it-to-the-man fun that reminds me of how exciting life was in my early 20s and late teens.


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