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Bad Movie Tuesday: Birdemic: Shock and Terror

January 15, 2013

Birdemic movie poster


I’m gonna let Joel McHale introduce this film:


Birdemic has joined the ranks of Troll 2, The Room and Miami Connection as an absolutely bonkers film that is so bad it has become classic. Bad Movie enthusiasts all around the world have latched on to the story of a robotic acting young man and his battle to thwart a birdemic  caused by global warming.

birdemic bird attack


Birdemic is a classic tale of man vs. nature. Coat hanger vs. acid spewing vulture. Bare feet vs. dirty carpet.  I loved every moment of the long stares, bird explosions and five minute driving montages. If I watched this film without prior knowledge of it’s cult I would have turned it off in disgust and intrigue. However, knowing of the bad moments I was able to surf the wave of incompetence and enjoy the ride. I feel like the director skipped film school 101 and instead relied upon his delusions of grandeur. His delusions were so earnest that you totally understand the message of the film. However, the message is buried beneath wonky sound, kooky editing and birds who sound like airplanes crashing.

Birdemic gas station


The film centers around a guy who just sold his business for 1,000,000,000. He drives a Mustang that gets 100 MPG and he has very expensive solar panels. He also delivers his lines like a robot and fights angry birds with a coat hanger. He meets woman in a diner whom he glares at for 30 seconds and the two engage in a very uncomfortable conversation that ends with “you will look great in those lingerie.” The two go on a date to an empty diner where they are serenaded by a man and his song “hanging out with my family.” The two dance uncomfortably then find themselves in the dirtiest hotel ever. Eventually, the birds attack and this scene happens.

Writing a review for this film is impossibly because it defies all film making logic. There is no need to critique it because that would be too easy. I listened to the How Did This Get Made edition of the film and actress Whitney Moore spilled a bunch of juicy tidbits about the film. It was filmed over the course of a year  the director didn’t talk to her for half of the film and he wanted to save the world via bird attack awareness. Nguyen’s earnest attempt at global warming awareness worked in the opposite way. Bad movie aficionados have latched onto the film and the birdemic attack is spreading around the world. Either this is smart film making or dumb luck.

Birdemic poster


Birdemic is fantastic in a good bad way. There is nothing accomplished about it. However, the straight forward attempt at a message has created a perfect storm of bad cinema. There are thousands of terrible films made.  Some try to make bad movies. Some make boring bad movies. James Nguyen unintentionally created a film so bad it exploded through the cinema ozone and unleashed an amazing birdemic of epic proportions and dead dirty vultures that are mistaken for eagles.

Birdemic couple

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  1. John Leavengood permalink
    November 23, 2016 9:57 am

    The CGI in this…smh. lol

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