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The Inbetweeners

February 7, 2013

The Inbetweeners movie poster


The Inbetweeners is incredibly raunchy but has a big heart. The teenagers in the film say some of the dirtiest things yet are loyal to a fault. It has been a fun ride watching the BBC television show and now seeing them getting a big send off. I’ve been watching these little punks embarrass themselves for a while and it is nice to see them grow up a little.

The Innbetweeners drinking


Following up on the popular BBC show The Inbetweeners movies follows up on the four guys as they graduate from high school and head to a Mediterranean hot spot to party. However, in true Inbetweener fashion they act gawky, get in trouble and mess up with the ladies constantly. The humor is sophmoric but delivered with so much glee it doesn’t push you away. For instance, at their cheap hotel they are charged $50 Euro if they crap on the floor and one of the guys takes home a woman that would give %90 of the population nightmares. They dance badly, puke on everything and one of them applies self tanner to his head and hands.  The movie kicks off when they find themselves in the emptiest club on the beach. They meet four ladies and individually screw up with all of them. However, they are endearing little idiots (I mean that in the best way) and the ladies see that in them.

The Inbetweeners four girls


What I love about these guys is their friendship. They are not bad kids They are a bunch of squirrely little fellas whom have no social graces but always come through for each other. They may play many practical jokes but when one of them embarrasses themselves they all join in to make the hurt less. They have four distinct personalities that range from oblivious, content, boisterous and odd. They will all do something dumb (fall asleep in ant hills, drink too much, almost drown) and eventually atone themselves.

The Imbetweeners dancing


The movie sticks to the the regular conventions of the teen sex comedy. However, you like the characters and the motivations so it rises above the genre cliches and joins the ranks of likable raunchy comedies like Road Trip and Euro Trip. There is never any hateful comedy or mean spirited humor which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Watch the show on Netflix. Rent the film. Enjoy the idiots (I mean that in the best way).

Innbetweeners women

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