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Hotel Transylvania

March 13, 2013

Hotel Transylvania movie poster


Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania. You will be welcomed by bright colors, loud noises and the Sandman doing exactly what you think he is doing.

Hotel Transylvania sandman


The critics weren’t kind to the film and the synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes reads “buoyant, giddy and may please children, but it might be a little too loud and thinly scripted for older audiences.” Too loud?

I think in this renaissance of Pixar, Disney, Aardman, Fox and Laika churning out wonderful children’s films people have forgotten that cartoons are for kids.  Hotel Transylvania understands this and supplies little buggers with a whole lot of fun. Who cares if older folk and cinema snobs complain? It is a movie made for kids and it doesn’t try to be anything else.  Sophistication is not always necessary and sometimes the Sandman has to fart and houses need to fall on cheeky minion zombies. Hotel Transylvania may have all the trademarks of a Sandler film (thin plot, farts, vomit and easy conclusions) but it has a nice story behind it. I’ve always been able to forgive dumb and gross when the story behind it is genuine.

Hotel Transylvania selena gomez


Hotel Transylvania centers around Dracula protecting his daughter from the outside world. His wife was killed by humans and he can’t bear the thought of losing his lovely daughter. Thus, he builds a castle that is well hidden and it acts as a resort for monsters who are looking to avoid the real world while on vacation. As his daughter begins to age she craves visiting the outside world. Dracula realizes this so he arranges for her to visit a town (his zombie minions built) so she can have a disastrous first time experience amongst the humans. my favorite part of this film are the zombie minions running around. They are a bunch of cheeky little guys who are always getting smooshed and crunched while doing their jobs.

Hotel Transylvania zombie movie poster


As Dracula is fighting to keep her from the real world the real world comes to her. One day a human enters the premises and everything gets turned upside down. The free-spirited human voiced by Andy Samberg causes a stir as he tells tales of his travels and reintroduces fun into Dracula’s life. Along the way Quasimodo tries to eat him, monsters fear him and naturally the daughter falls in love with him.

Hotel Transylvania is nice in its lack of pretentiousness. It tells a family story and young kids will appreciate the monsters running a muck. The movie dates itself badly (a plethora of LMFAO songs) and pop culture references but it has a winning sense of creativity and charm. Take a look at these pictures and you will notice the abounding creativity and neat monsters. Another bonus is that the voice cast includes Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Andy Samberg, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon, Ceelo, Rob Riggle, Rovert Smigel, Chris Parnell and Selena Gomez.

Hotel Transylvania monsters

Hotel Transylvania monster pool

hotel transylvania yeti


Hotel Transylvania is a fun film. Is it good? Nope. Does it try to be Wall-E or Coraline? Nope. Is the ending too easy? Yep. Does a yeti clog a toilet? Yep. Does it tell a nice story about family and friends? Yep.

Rent this film. Embrace the loudness. Appreciate the zany world of Hotel Transylvania.

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