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Bad Movie Tuesday: Sinister and the Inevitable Sequel

March 26, 2013

Spoiler Alert! If you read this post SINISTER’S PLOT WILL BE SPOILED and there will be no need to watch Ethan Hawke run around scared whilst wearing a stylish cardigan.

Ethan Hawke Sinster video


When I first watched the trailer for Sinister it seemed to incorporate everything I appreciate about horror films. Original story, good lead actor, scary villain and tiny three million dollar budget. However, when I watched Sinsiter the twist ending and overall selfishness left me with the “not impressed” face.

Sinister not impressed

Via Getty images (somehow they got Bughuul in it)

Sidenote: The face is old news but it was how I looked when Sinister ended.

Sinister does several things well. However, I am not really into scenarios involving families being hung, lit on fire and run over by lawnmowers.    Ethan Hawke watches some brutal stuff and never tells the authorities or wonders why the tapes were left in his attic. Another issue I have  is that the whole thing is caused by selfishness and lies. Hawke never tells his family that four people were murdered in the backyard and he alienates himself because he hasn’t had a best selling book in ten years. So, you have a desperate man immersed in bloody tapes while some demon named Magul, Bughuul or Magbuguul harasses him and eventually has a child kill him with an axe.



With news that a sequel is on the way I can’t help but think that Sinister is just another cog in the money making machine. It certainly won’t be as ridiculous as The Last Exorcism 2 (huh?) but it will just wreck whatever frights mugbughull creates. The creative marketing and decent previews resulted in an  $80 million worldwide gross and a a decent cult following. Fellow Co-writer John appreciated Sinister but the news of the sequel boggled his mind as well. They will essentially be telling the same story over and over again. There is no room for further stories because everybody is dead. Will they explore the netherworld or tell us how the bad guy paints his face?  I loved the film Insidious and the news of the sequel worried me but there is room for future stories. There is a world to be explored that will not result in copious amounts of gore porn. I’m hoping the Insidious sequel will further explore a world and not use gimics to make money.

Sinister flickteaser 6


I was expecting a lot from Sinister. In my mind I had a monologuing Ethan Hawke dealing with a jerky and scary evil thing. However, the movie didn’t hit the spot and I can blame high expectations for that. Sinister is not a Day Time Horror film and doesn’t pander to Tank Top Horror but still is a nasty little thing. The sequels will further exploit the snuff video aspect and audiences will expect more and more pain with each sequel. Intelligence will be thrown out of the window and any chance of a scary story involving likable people will be nonexistent. Muhbuhba will still steal childrens souls in his realm and cameo in his own films like Hitchcock.

Sinister will have a sequel that will make lots of money. It will be better than Last Exorcism 2 but not as good as Final Destination 2. The worst part is that there won’t be any Ethan Hawke monologues.

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  1. johnleavengood permalink
    March 26, 2013 8:10 pm

    Now that you alerted for spoiler alert I can finally say something that REALLY upset me, but not about the movie itself–rather its marketing. Unless you catch this movie on HBO you will have likely opened a DVD or Blu-Ray case and seen the sleeve cover (i.e., the movie poster) with a little blonde girl tracing blood all over the wall. Five minutes into the movie, most folks would realize this is Hawke’s character’s daughter, making the movie poster a damned SPOILER!!!


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